All That Glitters…

What if the very thing we’ve sought throughout our lives… The motivation that prompts our every action… The one thing we’ve been combing the lake in-vain for? What if its been right under our nose the entire time and we just can’t see it? Which begs the question: ‘Why can’t we see it?’ Well, maybe it’s simply because we just don’t know what we’re looking for! 

We keep overlooking the answer to our problem, because whatever it is DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN ANSWER…!

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Our River Otter faces the same problem here. Usually, the lake’s waters are still and murky. His constant quarry – the Golden Carp – hide in the gloomy weeds, content to graze away safe in the knowledge that the Otter won’t see them, despite their shimmering colour. But on stormy days? Now that’s another matter entirely, for the fish delight in swimming and bobbing amidst the tempestuous whitecaps & spray, believing themselves safe; that nothing’s out hunting on nights like these. Yet the Otter is cunning and persistent. He knows where to look for them and right now, all bets are on him being successful.

And yet… Have you noticed what’s glimmering down in the weeds? It’s a long-lost treasure-trove! What’s more, can you see what’s laying on the top of the pile? Yes, it’s a truly Golden fish! This might be the prize the Otter’s been searching for his entire life, but all he sees are the bright & shiny fishes..! Sometimes, then, the real treasure lays right in front of us! All we have to do, is stop and look… Those Carp aren’t going anywhere, are they? Another storm will be along in a few days, but the treasure?? 

Seize the moment, or regret it forever!

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