Angel Mouse

When I began this painting, I had little idea that my gentle-looking mouse would turn into an Angel! 

I just painted his cute face and things went from there… The little lute he’s playing. The angelic wings. His delicately-ruffed garment, complete with three little (real) pearls appliquéd at the collar.

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Yet for me, it was the thought of adding the halo of real 24ct gold-leaf behind his head, which completed Angel Mouse. Suddenly, here was a character who was looking out for all the mice in the world! At first glance, he doesn’t seem to be doing a great job… Harassed at every turn, the poor mouse’s short life is filled with constant danger, yet somewhere, somehow, this Angel Mouse is looking out for them…

When I found this battered old frame, I knew it would only improve the effect I was looking for: that of a Medieval Icon; like a relic from an old Orthodox church somewhere! Happily, the artwork isn’t permanently affixed to the frame, so I’m giving you the choice if you wish to explore your own options.

NOTE: I will NOT be offering prints of Angel Mouse; it was painted with the intention of being a unique, one-of-a-kind, Original Work of Art.  

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