Step into the enchanting realm of ‘Arrival’- an artwork that immerses you in the ethereal, boundless wonders of daydreaming!

With its striking composition exuding an otherworldly charm, ‘Arrival…’ evokes a dreamlike tranquility that ignites the imagination.

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In this mesmerising creation, behold a young woman adorned in a plain calico turban, her body elegantly wrapped in simple cotton. With eyes closed, she surrenders herself to the land of reverie, where the magic of pure thought and limitless possibilities come to life. A celestial dance ensues as a myriad of monarch butterflies, their delicate wings fluttering with graceful poise, form a mesmeric cloud about her. Other butterfly varieties – different accents of the idea underpinning it all, perhaps – are entering the group, creating a tapestry of enchantment. Amidst this symphony of fluttering wings, a small mouse, donned in ornate armour reflecting my distinctive style, nestles within the folds of her turban. And if you follow the delicate thread it holds, you’ll find a special butterfly-shaped balloon – an emblem of the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary.

Perched delicately upon her shoulder rests a solitary, iridescent blue butterfly – a symbol of serendipity & inspiration. It embodies the essence of those cherished moments when we allow our minds to wander freely, lost in the dance of daydreams. It is within such revery that the most unexpected breakthroughs emerge, unfurling like delicate petals of discovery. Here, in the realm of pure imagination, is where our thoughts soar unrestrained. It’s where the seeds of brilliance are sown.

“Flutterbies…” serves as the radiant centrepiece of an upcoming triptych – a visionary series to be unveiled in-time. It represents the pivotal artwork around which the others gracefully orbit, intertwining narratives that illuminate the power of introspection and the beauty found in the intangible. With every stroke of my brush, I delve deeper into the tapestry of dreams, weaving a narrative that celebrates the inherent magic of quiet contemplation and the serendipitous discoveries that arise when we least expect them.

Embrace the enchantment of “Flutterbies…” and allow yourself to be transported to a realm where daydreams take flight, where the ordinary unfurls its hidden magnificence, and where the unexpected becomes a cherished companion on our artistic journey.

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