Dinner For One?

After a long day trudging through the dark forest, it’s so good to finally get a cosy fire going and make camp. That’s not much to ask for, is it?

And yet… That annoying companion who you can’t seem to shrug off? The one who you’ve been told to ‘look after’? They’re still there, aren’t they? Always poking their nose in where it’s not wanted! Always ready to steal YOUR food, even though you both started off with equal rations. It’s not YOUR fault that they were greedy and ate all theirs before lunch… Is it?

And just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, your keen nose picks up a new smell… Is that burning paper?? No, it can’t be… Next you’ll be telling me that you’re CERTAIN you’re not being watched… Or that – wait.

No. I’m sure I can smell paper burning… Oh, well. I’ll just finish this bit of bamboo and take a look at the map to see where I’m –

Ohhh. Well, that’s just GREAT…

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If there’s a single underlying theme to ‘Dinner For One?’, then it’s the classic tale of envy and the consequences of negligence. The giant panda represents the hardworking and deserving individual who rations out his resources to leave something for the end of the day. Whereas the frivolous red panda, symbolises envy and the desire for what others possess. The burning map also serves as a warning that, even in moments of peace and contentment, dangers can arise if we are not vigilant. As usual in my work, I try to layer-in all sorts of meaning and truth to keep you thinking and guessing…

And there you were, just admiring the Pandas!

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