Most things that are lost will never be found. But what about the rest?

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Do you think the Dodo considers himself lost? Can we be sure that there isn’t a lonely soul braving the cold winds & deep snow of a remote mountain valley?  Towing a beautiful – though weather-beaten – Nautilus shell, suspended by a balloon? And that within, reside a few ‘long-lost’ treasures from the Great Library of Alexandria?

We’re so sure of ourselves – and of our place in the world – that we discount the possibility. Yet when have we ever stopped to consider things from the Dodo’s perspective? After all, he knows exactly where he is, where he’s going and what he’s going to do when he gets there! 

He has some help, of course. A long-time travelling companion – the Red Squirrel – rides in the howdah atop his back; we know he’s an important figure in this world of mine, on account of his Fez; the most ‘important’ characters usually sport one. In this case, our Squirrel is reading a map, perhaps drawn from the treasured luggage: so how can they be lost? 

Details? Consider the magnificent (though somewhat bent) lamp projecting from the Dodo’s helmet… I’ve heard countless requests since I began this project, that I should consider ‘doing a dragon’. Look closely at the reflector at the base of the (glow-worm) lightbulb, and you’ll see I’ve complied! While we’re talking of the details, let’s consider the pocket-watch hanging from the saddle. You see, the Dodo’s a creature ‘out of time’, as much as ‘out of its time’. It shouldn’t be here – but it’s here, nonetheless: just like the Nautilus, that beautiful survivor from aeons past.

And the painting’s title ‘Forget-Me-Not’? Look closely at the Dodo’s snowy footprints… With each step, sprigs of Forget-Me-Nots appear as if by magic! They’re telling us not to forget the things that we hold precious. The memories that we make and the stories we inherit. We should hold them close & take joy from what – and wherever – we find it.

Just like the Dodo…

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