Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious combines one of my favourite creatures – the humble Donkey – with a suggestion from one of my collectors: African Wild Dogs..!

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Like all the best ideas, this one’s both simple, yet effective. The Donkey and the Hornbill riding on its back, have been joined in their wanderings by a trio of Wild Dogs. They’re all in-search of sustenance and are delighted to have spotted one of the King’s ‘magical trees’ ahead. We’ve seen one of these trees before, in ‘Harvest For the King’. If you’re familiar with the work, you’ll remember that its crop was floating? Well, this tree sports a bountiful – yet improbable –  crop of all varieties. There’s everything from Granny Smiths to – yes – a VERY Golden Delicious! Guided to this wondrous place by the balloons, that’s what the Dogs have seen. Impulsive as ever, they’re only interested in food for the body…

The wise old Donkey on the other hand, is hankering after something more… meaningful. That’s why he’s latched on to the mythical (and golden) ‘Apple of Wisdom’, dangling from the branch at the foot of our picture. It’s not the first time I’ve painted one of these before, either… I wonder if you’ve seen enough of my work to know?

Drawing inspiration from its importance within Greek Mythology, in the world of my imagination, the Golden Apple represents the source of knowledge. Of enlightenment, you might say. So, it’s little wonder that our old friend should be the one to have spotted it. Even the Hornbill is oblivious, having returned to his perch with something more edible!

I like the easy-going look on the Donkey’s face. So placid and accepting. It’s as though he always knew he’d find the apple one day… For when you stand in its light, it’s the prize that will shatter doubts, fears & illusions. 

Keep looking! It might be right in-front of you…

Before I close: Yes, that is gold leaf used for the apple. While I’m happy with the end result, its application was attempted on what turned-out to be the hottest day of the year and things didn’t go well… Let’s just say it was a lesson learnt and leave it there!

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