Harvest For the King

In a forgotten valley at the edge of the Kingdom, grows a VERY special apple tree. So special, in-fact, that its weightless fruits provide an exclusive ‘Harvest For the King’.

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Gathering the apples can be tricky however, when the slightest breeze can blow away the bounty, so it’s just as well that help is at-hand, in the form of a Royal Magpie. However, the Magpie has to be careful when stowing apples in the sack, as they can easily float away! Another thing about this world you might’ve missed? The season’s wrong! Both the valley & the tree itself are deep into Autumn, yet here are fresh apples… It’s not just the gravity in this valley that’s topsy-turvy!

I hope you like the depth-of-field effect I was going for, with the floating apples? The nearest one to us, almost looks 3D in the work, which I found highly satisfying!

Although he’s not in the painting of Harvest For the King, we DO get a splendid view of the King’s Stag. I was pleased with the way his saddle turned-out, along with the intricate neck-plates in his armour. Oh, and before I forget, the mossy tree-roots were inspired by REAL trees spotted in a magical dell ‘somewhere on the Isle of Mull’…

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