Far away, in the frigid reaches of our fantastical realm, dwell the Emperor Penguins. Though naturally inquisitive creatures, when faced with the wonders of ‘real magic’, most penguins simply flap their flippers in bewilderment and get on with their day, content in their blissful ignorance.

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Yet, not all penguins are content with accepting the world as it appears. Throughout the ages, those possessed by an insatiable curiosity have dedicated themselves to expanding their knowledge and refining their skills to such an extent, that they can now proudly call themselves Mages.

When not dusting the ancient library shelves or brewing delectable mackerel tea, the Apprentices of these esteemed Mages embark on rigorous studies. Their journey is a labyrinthine path, encompassing the art of blending key ingredients for potent spells (as well as knowing where to find them) and a profound understanding of the vast and ever-growing lore passed down by generations before them. But above all, their journey as an apprentice culminates in the creation of their own Magnum Opus: their ultimate masterpiece.

This final piece of work – a new spell, concocted by the Apprentice – is considered by the Master Mage. Only if it passes scrutiny as being a Work ‘neither frivolous nor fleeting’, will the Apprentice ascend to the revered status of a practicing Mage, capable of weaving magic in their own right.

This new artwork – ‘Incantations’ – shows one such Master Mage in his icy cavern. Washed in pale moonlight and cloaked in resplendent ceremonial robes, each thread resonating with symbolic meaning, he consults a Grimoire. This is the revered “Book of Spells” that his devoted Apprentice has spent seven years assembling & writing for this moment…

As the incantations are squawked into existence, a captivating ritual unfurls. Ethereal wisps of pure enchantment drift from the open pages. The spell is weaving its magic…  Just what the spell is for, or whether the apprentice will be successful, I will leave to you to decide. 

But think on this: Are we not all tested throughout our lives? Do we not offer up our best efforts and noblest ideas for the scrutiny of others? Sometimes we succeed and other times, we fail. But all we can do is keep striving!

NOTE: Incantations was always intended as a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork; NO prints will ever be struck from this one. We worked closely with our talented framing partner, to find a frame that complemented the painting. In the end, after much deliberation, we found this pewter / silver solution which works beautifully. We even stained the backboard ‘Midnight Blue’, to better highlight the panel. We hope you enjoy it!

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