Innocence ReForged

I might be the painter… But I have to admit that ‘Innocence ReForged’ is a little bit special!

Let’s start with the Unicorn itself. I’m sure many of you will have guessed, that it’s based on a real horse; in this case, a white Andalucian (if anyone knows different, please let me know!). We’ve all got an idea in our mind’s eye of what a ‘real’ unicorn should look like and it was this ideal, that I used as a guideline.

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There’s a strong breeze blowing in the direction of travel… That’s why the beautiful mane is blowing forwards and why the bubbles (why not?) are drifting away to the front. In fact, one of those bubbles is carrying a passenger: a dainty little Scarab, floating off to pastures new. The bridle-sash is also interesting, being painted in gold over a velvet-like base. It also carries a ‘Golden Apple’; that evergreen symbol of wisdom & revelation. Mind you, the bridle’s there purely for decoration: I don’t think a Unicorn can be told what to do or where to go – am I right!?

Lastly, let’s talk about the title of the work: ‘Innocence ReForged’. Look closely and you’ll see a little bracket at the base of the horn. Why is it there? Because some kindly soul has repaired the broken horn. With this ‘ReForging of Innocence’, hope is restored and the land renewed…

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