Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is about taking the jump into the unknown, when you can’t see the other side. It’s about trust. Belief in something greater than yourself. 

And Bumble-Bees being the future: especially armoured Bumble-Bees!

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So what have we got? First, from out of the jungle, flies a distinctive Toucan (who we first saw in ‘Keeper of the Keys‘). Next – and staring out from the picture – we have a sprinting Cheetah: I wonder what he makes of us? There’s a Ring-Tailed Lemur, too, in honour of one of my most beloved sculptures from years back; can you see the green mango in his pocket? The Lemur is hanging upon to the Zebra for all he’s worth, but the Zebra isn’t stopping for anyone… 

And neither is the Daschund! In fact, so joyful is our diminutive hero, that he’s even wearing tiger-stripes, in order to follow the true star of our picture: the Queen Bee herself. 

Look closely, and you can make out the trail of golden pollen mingling in her dusty wake: a magical trail, leading everyone else to follow.

‘To Bee or Not to Bee?’  For that’s the question, is it not? Every day, in our own little way, we’re always having to take a little ‘Leap of Faith’!

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