Life’s a Breeze

Life’s a Breeze celebrates the thrill of travelling with neither map nor plan: exploring somewhere new for its own sake. And why? Well, in our busy lives (and in difficult times), it’s something we hardly ever do! Yet isn’t there something intoxicating about taking the road less travelled’?

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The beauty to be found in unexpected views. The lifelong friends you’re about to meet for the first time and the memories you’ll share… The longest journeys sometimes bring us homeward again; whether that’s a real place or a state of mind, is irrelevant. Turns out, that home really is ‘where the heart is’ when ‘Life’s a Breeze’.

We see a Ring-Tailed Lemur approaching the ‘Cloud Islands’. His companions are both a Red Panda and a beautifully-tattooed Hammerhead Shark (that’s currently ‘swimming’ across the sky, whilst slung underneath a Dirigible!). How they ended-up together, is a secret only you can solve…

Around them fly Roseate Spoonbills (not to be confused with Flamingoes), from whose satchels drop ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, similar to those found in this Work. As before, these Anglo-Saxon Runes spell-out a message, but you’re going to have to buy a print if you want a translation!

The last detail of note, is the lone figure waiting on the verandah of the looming Island. It’s another Lemur… A distant cousin or a new friend-in-the-making? Ah, but that’s for you to decide!

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