Lost in a Good Book

Lost in a Good Book. In the dead of night, a Dryad rides through a dark, forbidding forest. Her trusty steed? A Badger, long-accustomed to his rider’s lack of attention. Which is just as well because, as usual, her attention is elsewhere. The story she’s reading, has enraptured her so completely, that she literally can’t see the wood for the trees.

Indeed, she is ‘Lost in a Good Book’!

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Happily, The Watcher has sent out Luna moths, to light their path, as he does for all wanderers who’ve lost their way, whether they find themselves in a book, or a forest…

The picture’s corner has also curled-over, revealing the next page: but is it from the Dryad’s book or OURS? For is not everything we see, but a dream-within-a-dream?

Are we not writing the chapters of our own lives and turning the pages as we go?

Oh, and in case you wondered, we’re using Anglo-Saxon runes within a picture once again: translations included with every print from ‘Small’ upwards!

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