As everyone knows, you need the finest pollen to make the finest honey. Trouble is… The very best stuff tends to get snaffled-up by other visitors during the day. 

Oh! But what’s a honeybee to do?

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Turns out, the answer is to carry a magic lantern around with you and visit the flowers at night! Not only does it help you see where you’re going, but its magical light causes the flowers to open-up, believing it to be daylight! Have you ever had one of those magical experiences at-night, and seen what you thought were fireflies? Well, are you sure they weren’t ingenious bees working the nightshift??

Some key details to note here, include the little tanks of nectar dangling from hooks on the teal & gold armour & the clumps of pollen on the ‘bee’s knees’ (apologies; I couldn’t help myself). Can you also see a touch of motion-blur in the wings? The coloured rays of light from the lantern, caused by the coloured panels? Last-but-not-least, the flecks of 24ct gold leaf scattered about the work?

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