Every year, as Spring breathes new life into our enchanting realm, the esteemed Venerable Company of Nutbringers eagerly prepares for its busiest and most cherished season.

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Each member of this esteemed group bears a sacred twig, lovingly plucked from the revered hazelnut tree, with a precious nut nestled at its tip. But these nuts are extraordinary, for a closer inspection reveals their resplendent golden hue. Moreover, they exude an aura of enchantment, as evidenced by the delightful bubbles that dance about them.

Belonging to the Venerable Company is considered a great honour among squirrels, as it entails the sacred duty of carrying these magical relics through their local groves. Their mission is to safeguard the prosperity of their kin by ensuring a plentiful harvest of nuts that will sustain them throughout the year. Selected from a handful of squirrel dynasties, these dedicated members have faithfully performed these rites for countless generations. Each new lineage learns the secrets of all the cherished nut groves in their area and dutifully assumes the role of their vigilant guardians, shielding them from blight and pests alike. This sacred knowledge is passed down through the ages, etching the tales of the “Old Venerables” into the very fabric of our realm’s folklore, and earning them the unwavering respect of all creatures who inhabit our land.

Indeed, there really are traditions so profound and timeless, that they transcend the boundaries of forgetfulness; forever engraving their significance upon our collective consciousness.

NOTE: Because of the natural textures of the canvas-wrapped board on which this piece was painted, it doesn’t work well as a print. Therefore, this will ONLY be available as a unique, Original Artwork. We took great pains with its framing; the results of which can be seen. This gilded moulding has a fabulous ‘nutty’ pattern that suits the work so well, it’s as if they were made for each other!

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