One Cool Cat

One Cool Cat is a picture that ‘does what it says on the tin’, for this beautiful ginger tabby, is one cool dude! For it’s not just how good he looks wearing a Fez, but how he’s staying calm in the face of some SERIOUS provocation..! ‘One Cool Cat’, indeed!

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You see, the gaggle of Harlequin-Mice are after the key that hangs around the Cat’s neck: the key to ‘The Cheesery’! To get it, they’re trying everything they can think of to distract our hero. One mouse has crept up onto the window, and is dangling a goldfish (complete with bubbles!). Another, is pulling a bright pink, felt mouse stuffed with Catnip! All this, so that the third mouse can reach up and unhook the key…

And see those mountains beyond? I wonder… Might they be the SAME peaks we’ve seen in ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’? If so, are we in the same castle, seen in that picture? Is this landscape starting to make sense?

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