Paddle Steamer

Paddle Steamer began – as my work often does – with the idea of capturing one aspect of a particular creature; in this case, the beautiful sheen on a Drake’s slender neck. I just LOVED its emerald-green.

From there, it was an easy step to imagine a delicate crested helmet with jewelled accents. And some streamers. And the balloon!

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After more thought, the Drake became a ‘Paddle Steamer’ of-sorts, with a paying customer on his back: a seasick Toad, who’s having to hold-on to his Fez amidst the spray.Then again, the Drake wouldn’t have gone out in the first place, if the Toad hadn’t been so persuasive: there’s a lesson in there somewhere!

Oh, and just to make life interesting, I added a Sturgeon as well, who’s churning up the swell.

Best of all? That shaft of sunlight breaking through the stormclouds came out far better than I hoped it would…

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