Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom. As seen previously in ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’, our heroic duo of the Flamingo & Pug, have now arrived at a crossroads…

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One road leads to a mountain pass; the other, to a sunlit ravine. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s clearly both a Wrong and a Right choice here.

But nothing in life is as it first appears, for who knows what will await us, when we finally reach our destination? The sun might be shining today, but what of tomorrow? After all, those stormy clouds have a habit of, err, moving, don’t they?

Happily, some ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ are floating gently on the breeze towards them. They’ve been sent from the Eagle Owl sentinel, who watches over all who pass through the valley.

Most travellers know where they are going, but for those who’re unsure, he sends-out runic messages on the breeze. Gossamer balls of light – and hope – to guide those who are ready to listen…

PS. These are real messages, painted-in to the scene, using Anglo-Saxon runes: and you’re going to have to buy a print if you want a translation!

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