Playing With the Elements

So much to See. Say. Do. Think. We’re ‘Playing With the Elements’ in our daily life, just to keep on top of it all!

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I wanted this picture to give a sense of that balancing act. Unclothed, She has reconnected with the Earth from which She came and the creatures with whom She is one. The fishes are of the Water that sustains; the bird from the Air we breathe. Her flaming red hair is the Fire that cleanses & renews. And from the watch, flows Time; the constant, invisible river in which we all swim. 

And on her knee? A key to the Future, that She already holds in her hand.

Last-but-not-least, the Passion Flower represents the endless wellspring of human emotion. It guides our waking dreams and makes work like this, possible (and yes, it DID take me months to paint this one!).

‘Playing With the Elements’ was originally inspired by a sketch I made years earlier, when searching for ideas for a birthday card… In returning to fantasy, it was therefore a prime candidate for a second look. I liked the long, red hair. Oh, and the idea of a Dryad (a spirit of the woods) hiding her face behind a delicate mask. I also wanted to explore skin tones in oils, so I knew going into this ambitious work, that my subject would be nude.

A labour of love, this one…

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