Special Delivery

Special Delivery is one of those rare pictures, that went from the initial idea through to the finished piece, with few alterations.

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A ‘Dryad’, along with her ‘Spirit Animal’, the Red Fox, are relaxing in a grassy glade. Furthermore, the Fox has removed his beautiful golden helmet, showing us its fine detailing. The Dryad herself (a Wood Nymph, in case you’re wondering), wears Celtic-inspired wrist & armbands. Coupled with a delicate headpiece, the jewellery offsets her red hair. Little wonder that the bushy-tailed Fox is her companion! In addition, cradled against them, is the Dryad’s hunting staff. Intricately carved, it carries the King’s colours and is topped off with a bubble in which sits a glow-worm.

In the meantime, what peace they enjoy, is about to be broken by the arrival of a Quail at the bottom right corner. His ‘Special Delivery’ is a scroll, carefully sealed and carried in a little harness. What do you think it might be? I like to think it’s a Summons back to the Royal Court, where the pair are to be given new instructions! But to go where? And to do what?

Ah, but that’s up to you!

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