The Dreamcatchers

There’s a LOT to cover in The Dreamcatchers. At its heart, is a Grizzly Bear & his Hare companion who are out hunting. The Bear looks splendid, in his richly-embroidered throw & armour. The Hare, too, looks very dashing, wearing his ‘disguise’ of a fish-scale waistcoat & ‘fishy’ helmet: anything to avoid being seen by their quarry: a school of Flying Fish!

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Although they’ve caught a couple already, our intrepid duo are about to hit trouble…

Firstly, because they haven’t noticed that one of the balloons keeping their ‘catch-jar’ afloat in the air has, err, floated away… As a result, the jar is beginning to sag and may yet tip over, releasing the pair they’ve already caught!

Secondly – and perhaps more urgently – they haven’t noticed just how close they are to the waterfall!

‘The Dreamcatchers’ then, is about covering the details – the ‘nitty gritty’ – when in-pursuit of your dream or goals. Rushing headlong into danger without seeing through the consequences? Chances are, there might be a waterfall just out of sight…

Either that, or your balloon string was never tied that tightly to begin with!

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