The Gossamer Thread

The Gossamer Thread. For countless centuries, the same ritual has been performed: the fair maid leads her Lion Fish down to the Sea. The Navigator can now find its way home, after a life of service leading others.

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In returning the favour, The Maiden leads with the slightest of Gossamer Threads; a thread broken in a heartbeat, yet protected by both the leader and the led. It’s a familiar tale, for are we not also leading others – and in turn, are being led – by other Gossamer Threads?

Threads of loyalty and faith. Love and duty, that can be broken in an instant if we so choose, yet which we hold sacred. These are the ritual bonds that bind us: and we are all willing participants in that ritual. So ingrained in us, is this need to belong

…And yet there are times in life, when you have to break the thread in order to grow and move on. For the experience of life is equal parts pain and pleasure: and that’s the story of this work.

Acceptance and gratitude in a balanced life.

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