The Herald

It’s fair to say that our beautiful, fantastical world has its fair share of pageantry & spectacle… But none of it ‘just happens’! Each ceremony has its own (and age-old) choreographed dance of ritual and etiquette to be observed: which is where our Herald comes in. Everyone else might dismiss them as minor functionaries within the Royal Court, but the truth is that nothing happens unless – and until – a Herald announces it!

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Usually their duties involve the carrying of an ornate brass trumpet… But today is different, for our Herald is proudly carrying a staff & banner as he ushers-in an important figure of the Court. Who that could be? Ah, but that’s for YOU to decide! This beautiful Hare looks resplendent in his ornately-detailed cape and collar. He also wears a Fez (regular watchers will know instantly, that this alone bestows a little gravitas). But I decided that the Fez alone wasn’t enough, so you’ll notice the elegant feather in its band… Lastly, take a close look at the greaves on his arms & legs. I wanted to suggest a link to those seen on Moon Dancer..! 

I love doing these little studies, but what sets this one apart is the use of 24ct Gold Leaf around the border. It’s such a tricky material to work with, so I was thrilled to have this one turn out so right. I also LOVE the rich contrast with the Midnight Blue border and how the cherry-red banner stands out from the gold. 

A VERY satisfying piece all-round…

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