The Whisperer

Sometimes, a work needs little explanation and can just exist for its own sake: The Whisperer is one such. After all, do we NEED to know why a White Rabbit sits atop our Dryad’s head? 

Of course not! All we have to take on-board, is this: if we have a secret to share, it’s probably best if we whisper…!

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After all, secrets carry power. Whether it lays in the burden of carrying a secret, or the assumption of power in the learning of such, all a secret wants to do, ultimately, is be passed-on. To stay alive. For what use is a secret once forgotten? (answers on a postcard to the usual address!).

I was pleased with a few key details in this one. Let’s start with The Whisperer’s delicate lacy ruff; an effect I stumbled across during some experimentation. Oh, and I also like the aqua-tones used for the background and how they work to give her vibrant red-orange hair ‘pop’.

The Whisperer also marked an important moment in my journey as a practising artist. It was the very first time, that I felt happy with something that wasn’t a traditional wildlife study. Let me clarify that point. At the time – late 2019 – I felt that I was no longer offering something new for that particular audience. My work had begun to feel ‘safe’. Looking back, it’s clear that I’d reached a plateau within my practice and something had to give…

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