Cotswold Dreams

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this abiding obsession with the idea of ‘Secret Gardens’; those discreet hidey-holes, forever hidden just a little out of sight. Whether glimpsed for a second through a weathered garden wall made of honeyed Cotswold stone… Or stumbling across an unexpected folly on a country walk, these are the places that ‘Cotswold Dreams’ are made of…!

When thinking about this Collection, my first thought was indeed ‘The Cotswolds’. While my heart will always belong to the long rolling downs of North Wiltshire, I’ve long been intrigued by some of the tight, wending valleys in and around the old Cotswold mill-town of Stroud. Specifically, how stone walls intersect pathways or frame gardens: And how our imaginations always want to see ‘over the horizon’… I hope that some of these images will spur your own imaginations & offer ‘a wealth of things that never were…’

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