Daughters of Eve

Our ancestors invented ‘the Gods’, as a way of explaining the world about them. There was no ‘science’, as such. Instead, lightning storms were interpreted as Gods lobbing thunderbolts at each other, etc. Look hard enough and it seems as though every one of our past civilisations had a deity for every eventuality that life – and the world – threw at it.

So this got me thinking… If there were ‘Gods’ living amongst us today (as opposed to the current fixation for ‘Superheroes’), then how might they look? And moreover, how might I – as an artist – capture the ‘personalities’ of these ‘Daughters of Eve’?

After all, our own shared mythologies suggest they could be tricksy at-times; not always the kind, benevolent entities we might expect!

After several blind-alleys, weeks of exploration led me to the idea of a ‘split’ in each character, running from top-to-bottom. Just as we have two sides to our character, that we choose to show the world on any given day, so do the Gods – or, in this case, the Goddesses I’ve chosen to start with.

Rather than identify individual images as representative of a particular aspect of the human condition (i.e. ‘the Goddess of ‘X’), I’ve gone instead for regions of the world. Those that I’ve chosen, suggest a look & ‘mood’ and nothing more: anything else is inferred by the viewer, rather than implied by me…

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