Green Valley Trio

For Green Valley Trio, I wanted to get a sense of one of those magical, precious Summer evenings, when dusk creeps slowly over ‘our’ hill.

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To capture the mood, I went with a delicate palette of violet & purple over a wash of deep sea greens. The meadow had been left to grow very wild that year. It gave a chance to use my familiar ‘tendrils of colour’ to capture the grasses as well as the Hares. Being solitary creatures, the Hares weren’t there on that particular evening. So, I used a little ‘artistic licence’ and chose to add a trio of them, to the Green Valley. Each one carries exaggerated colours & feature lines, that ground them in the landscape. They look like they BELONG there.

The end result has proved to be one of my most popular works, enchanting all who encounter it.

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