Neon Hare #1

Artworks in my ‘Carnival of Wonders’ collection tend to be highly detailed affairs, with abundant narrative, so it felt great to just kick-back and return to my roots with this ‘Neon Hare’!

I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned-out; I really felt as if I’d captured something of the Hare’s vitality in the pose. There’s something majestic about a Hare ‘in-flight’. How their bounding stride carries them across a field, never ceases to dazzle me, so perhaps it was something of that explosive movement I was searching for, when planning this ‘Neon Hare’. Looking at the finished piece, I honestly can’t think how this might be improved; there’s a real sense of power here, that lifts the subject off the board.

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The painting itself was relatively straightforward, with a turquoise base in acrylics. Over the top, I layered-in a new brand of ‘luminous’ oils. Rich in vibrant pigments, the spread of tones suggested this dynamic study more than ever; I don’t think it would’ve worked with anything less. Indeed, so impressive were these paints at conveying the emotional tones of the subject, that there’s a good chance I shall be returning to them in the future…

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