Over the Hill

Over the Hill. My partner Gary actually came up with the idea for this work: I admit to being sceptical at the outset..!

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However, once I settled down to drafting it out, two areas of interest stood out. First, I was taken with the idea of showing the hillside criss-crossed with deeply-ploughed furrows. Second I thought of painting them in a deep Teal-blue. It forms a perfect contrast to the rich, swirling (and very BLUE), stormy sky. There’s also that subtle boundary, between field and sky, that I marked with a skein of lime green. Such an effective, delicate border. And the Hare too; itself almost ‘Over the Hill’. A small, almost incidental feature of the wide open landscape.

I’ll admit it turned-out quite different to what Gary imagined, but I think he’s pleased with the result. It certainly stands-out against my regular work and that can only be a good thing, right?

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