Rainbow Hare #2

For Rainbow Hare #2, I moved beyond the delicate brushwork of the very first Rainbow Hare. This one would be BOLD!

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My first step, was to apply bold, white brush strokes over a black base layer. Onto this, I added a glaze of transparent colours.

Once again, you’re looking at a happy experiment that paid-off… The amazing effects, of seeing how different colours blend and flow into each other was unexpected and led to another burst of new work.

I also want to mention the orange bloom at the top RHS of Rainbow Hare #2. This was achieved with a little dry-brushing, over the existing red underpainting. As before, it resembled the look of a sunburst, but this second attempt can also be read as a cloud of steamy breath on a bright, cold morning. Again, another happy accident…

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