Barn Owl

I LOVE a Barn Owl, don’t you? There’s a road close-by that snakes its way over the Downs. Sometimes, if Gary and I are out driving that road at night, we catch a glimpse of a Barney. It perches on a favourite gatepost: scanning the verges in the beam of our headlights, in search of supper!

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Their heart-shaped faces are so distinctive, they’re hard to mistake for anything else. When you see one, it remakes that vital connection to the landscape. Living here in Wiltshire, right on the edge of The Downs, it’s a constant privilege to witness these beautiful birds.

This work is the happy result of an experiment using Copper leaf as an under-layer of colour. That’s what you’re looking at, when you see the deep lines that run through the images here! It’s where the individual sheets of copper were ‘smooshed’ together. They’re thinner than a human hair and near-weightless, so I have to work with the windows & doors closed, lest a draught waft them away! The effect is beautiful, though, wouldn’t you agree? Copper brings a unique, warm tone to the finished work; deeper than gold leaf and richer.

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