Fallow Deer

You’ve found what’s perhaps my favourite piece of wildlife art: the Fallow Deer! It’s a complicated work, so let me talk you through how it was created.

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First, I laid Gesso onto the board in deliberate strakes & lines, within the outlines of what would become the antlers. Why? So that when colour was applied, these aspects of the animal would ‘pop’. Get close to the work, and they really do look ‘3D’, in the way they hold paint and suggest depth & texture. Next, for the surrounding foliage (Rhododendron), I took sketches made from within a nearby plantation. These gave inspiration for another hand-cut, two-layer stencil. When repeated and overlaid in varying tones, it gives the impression of depth beyond the Fallow Deer.

The end result suggests a little of the style developed by that fabulous Victorian Print-Maker & illustrator, William Morris. All-in-all, my Fallow Deer proved to be a highly satisfying work.

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