Studio Sale

After his death, over 45,000 unsold pieces were found in Picasso’s store-rooms! Forty-five thousand

Speak to any artist in-practice for a length of time, and you’ll hear a similar story: the business of creation never stops. It can’t.

Inevitably, I’ve accumulated various artworks that, in many cases, turned-out to be creative ‘dead-ends’; ideas or subjects that never fulfilled their promise. More of a random assortment than a cohesively-themed folio, each work represents a step-forward in my creative journey.

Those of you kind enough to visit the studio this year, can testify to the dwindling amount of space here… While I’ve accumulated far, far less than Picasso, it’s still time I cut the stockpile down-to-size!

  • Artworks in the Studio Sale can be framed as an option.
  • As usual, a ‘Letter of Provenance’ will be included with every Original Work.
  • Shipping? For Mainland UK collectors, we can deliver valuable original artworks, or you can collect it from the Studio if either option is feasible. We STRONGLY urge you to add the Premium / Tracked service for greater peace-of-mind.
  • All pieces here are Original & truly Unique, Un-Framed Artworks and are offered on a First Come, First Served basis.

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